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Miss Jewel's foal dies. Faith endures
AP Ponies SOLD!
Howdy from Oklahoma!


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Miss Jewel's foal dies. Faith endures

Valentines day brings heartbreak to American Pie Pony Ranch. Our beautiful mare, Miss Jewel, labored on valentine afternoon but the foal was mal positioned with front legs back and died in the birth canal. Fortunately, an experienced vet at an equine hospital was able to extract the dead foal after an hour ++ and with assistance. We are grateful that surgery was avoided and the foal was finally removed. The front legs were folded back and the back legs were pushed forward- so an impossible birthing situation.

AP Ponies SOLD!

American Pie Pony Ranch has been blessed to sell 3 ponies to great new homes.
Sunny Delight, miniature, was not really for sale-But Jeff offered a good home and use for him as our family as outgrown him. He was a Santa present and made one little boy very happy. Jeff also bought Rainbow Gold Bug, in foal. He has already been giving her more exercise that she has had in years!
Thank you Jess and Tina for your purchase and good home!  Eileen & Greg
Also, AP Lightning Bug sold to Harmon Horses.

Howdy from Oklahoma!

Howdy! I am so excited to have you visit our blog at American Pie Ponies! We named our
ranch after the song, "American Pie". We have been married many years and
this was 'our song' in the 1970's! I have owned and ridden horses since the age of 13 yr old.
I started a 'Horse club' in my neighborhood when I was 12 and appointed myself President!
I saved $50 to show my parents I was serious about owning a horse and they bought me
a 14 hh pony when I was 13 yr old, Tuffy. I learned to run barrels and spent many summer
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